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Living day to day <3

<3 <3 !! #americanfootball #vinyl não acredito que chegou ~~~; quem quiser ir lá em casa escutar está convidado!



follow Adams Carvalho - A very talented artist from Brasil 

Always reminds me of my blue teapot.



Margay is a mammal that belongs to family of cats. They are shy and spend most of the time above trees and prefers life in evergreen forests. 

Unlike other cats, Margay is able to move down the tree, with its head going before feet (like squirrels). This is possible because it has very flexible ankles that can rotate up to 180 degrees and a long tail that provides complete balance, making them one of the best 4-legged tree climbers in the world.

It is estimated that more than 14,000 margays are killed each year for its fur.

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the saddest landscape | ‘the sixth golden ticket’

'we mouthed the words to all of the saddest songs because they felt like home'

I love you, but I can’t show it. 

I love you.

It’s okay, I’m not going anyway
I’m here, only by your side

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Adam Tan, Untitled, 2013

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Todo aquello que pude haber hecho por vos
nunca sabré si fue la causa de mi error…
Jamás pensé que yo podría ocasionar
tanto daño…
Pero esta parece ser la verdad

… estamos perdiéndonos
mutuamente hoy
y acaso ya no hay solución…

Y el otoño entrando en su fase final
junto al cansancio no me deja recordar
que hace sólo unos meses atrás
la brisa de la noche acariciaban
nuestros rostros…

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